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Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a Difference with The Heart Of NEC

The NEC Group’s business activities are based on relationships with many of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, investors, business partners, the community at large as well as our employees. At NEC, we believe that earning their trust by fulfilling our responsibilities as a good corporate citizen is a key element in enhancing our corporate values.

The objective of NEC’s business activities is to realise the NEC Corporate Philosophy through sound business activities that raise profitability while promoting dynamic  development so that we may return the benefits to society. Ultimately, this will enable us to contribute to the growth of a sustainable society.   

For many years, NEC in Malaysia has been participating in NEC’s global drive to create sustainable development in specific targeted areas, and to give back to the society in general. Initiatives, such as the “NEC Make-a-Difference Drive”, are part of NEC’s worldwide efforts to really make a difference to the societies that we operate in. One such activity in Malaysia is the periodic educational events for underprivileged children that focus on the importance of good education and continuous learning.

It is our hope that we would be able to provide a helping hand to those that have become so much a part of NEC, for years to come. We believe that by working in tandem with all involved, we can strive towards better relationships and greater growth for the benefit of everyone.