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Driving the Digital Customer Journey

Our Values

The world as we know it has changed forever,
and Digital Transformation is now an even bigger priority for enterprises, governments and society as a whole.

Driving this change is 5G infrastructure, which will truly connect the physical and virtual worlds
including people, businesses, and objects around the world.

By re-imagining and optimizing the industrial supply chains and driving the digital customer journey
with intelligent connectivity, NEC aims to co-create new value with telecom operators, enterprises
and governments in order to orchestrate a brighter world.

5G. The future with NEC Smart Connectivity
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Interview with Customers,
NEC’s contribution in 5G era [1:21]

Interview with Partners,
NEC’s contribution in 5G era [1:20]

5G is the New Reality


The Global Mobile Industry is Embracing Open RAN to Drive Innovation.

See our 5G vision

The Global Mobile Industry is Embracing Open RAN to Drive Innovation


NEC Showcases its New 5G Network Portfolio & Open Ecosystem Capabilities.

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White Paper

Building an Open vRAN Ecosystem


-Accelerating deployments with a replicable reference architecture-
Replicating a reference architecture is an excellent way for CSPs to deploy Open vRAN and enable faster evolution of their networks to accommodate surging traffic growth with the flexibility, efficiency and intelligence demanded in the real 5G world. This whitepaper provides potential options of proven deployment models jointly developed by our industry-leading partners. (Sep, 2020)


Open & Virtualized


-The Future of Radio Access Network-

CSPs confront numerous challenges in order to prepare for the “real 5G world” where uRLLC and mMTC become a reality. To address these challenges, we believe the disruptive and powerful technology of Open vRAN has a strong potential to transform the way CSPs deploy and monetize 5G. This whitepaper gives you insights on how NEC can bring this into practicality. (Feb, 2020)

NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform


CSPs will undeniably become an essential contributor to the social infrastructure in the 5G world. NEC 5G Vertical Business Platform has been designed as an universal platform to enable CSPs to continuously add new applications and services for industry verticals creating new revenue streams. (Feb, 2019)

What We Do


Our valued partners share their 5G vision,
highlighting NEC's contributions and expectations for NEC to accelerate Digital Transformation.

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Product & Solution Portfolio

Case Studies

Interview with Telefonica
NEC’s contribution in 5G era

Lead to our YouTube Channel.


Interview with Telkom
NEC’s contribution in 5G era

Lead to our YouTube Channel.


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Article on Telecom TV:
The Global Mobile Industry Is Embracing Open RAN to Drive Innovation
September 7, 2020


NEC Australia Virtual conference

July 22, 2020