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Challenges and opportunities of open networks

January 19, 2023

Challenges and opportunities of open networks
 -Current state of Open RAN and the cost conundrum

Although most CSPs are looking to adopt Open RAN in the near future to enable flexibility, diversification and cost reduction of the networks, questions remain before jumping in with two feet. In this blog NEC shares views on the current state of Open RAN – its challenges and opportunities including SI and carbon neutrality.

Speaking Openly About Open Networks: RAN Innovation: Ensuring RIC and xApps Can Deliver on Innovation Expectations

December 7, 2022

Speaking Openly About Open Networks
RAN Innovation:  Ensuring RIC and xApps Can Deliver on Innovation Expectations

A key part of the “open networks” value proposition centers around the introduction of the Non and Near Real-Time Radio Intelligence Controllers (RIC) to bring software innovation to traditional hardware-centric radio environments and to help create RAN management and optimization capabilities that can support a multi-vendor environment.

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Open RAN security examined

The security of Open RAN 5G networks has been the subject of much debate as the open standards have begun to proliferate. In our latest whitepaper, we address recent security concerns head-on by examining the fundamental design principles of Open RAN and how established security best practices are embedded throughout the development, integration and operational phase of deployment.

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