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xHaul Transport
NEC xHaul Transformation Service to Maximize 5G Profitability

NEC Open Networks

NEC Open Networks
xHaul Transport
NEC xHaul Transformation Service to Maximize 5G Profitability

NEC’s Value Added xHaul Network Solution Suite
-A New Holistic Approach to Monetize xHaul Transport in the 5G era

  • Thinking xHaul evolution: siloed paths vs holistic approach?

    5G is drastically changing the mobile network architecture and xHaul Transport being the backbone of the entire network, is no exception. xHaul too nowadays, is facing a wide range of new requirements such as Open RAN, edge computing, multi-domain automation, and security protection. Traditionally, new technologies and features tended to be adapted in a siloed approach that could result in risking the ability to maximize the investment of the xHaul Transport Network.

    NEC goes beyond conventional siloed measures, taking a holistic approach, and integrating best-of-breed solutions with distinct specialties based on Open xHaul Ecosystem. This suite of solutions called “Value Added xHaul Network Solution Suite”, brings all critical elements such as IP/optical transport, edge data center networking, network security, and automation into a single, unified xHaul architecture, optimizing the entire xHaul network and helping operators build a robust, agile and profitable foundation in the 5G era.

    NEC’s Open 5G xHaul Ecosystem
NEC Value Added xHaul Solution Suites

NEC xHaul Transformation Service for Value Added xHaul Network

Simplify your network with NEC 5G xHaul Transformation Services

Deploying 5G technology on your network is one thing. Ensuring that technology performs as promised and can evolve and scale as needed is another.

NEC xHaul Transformation Services cover everything you need to ensure optimum 5G performance and reliability in a multi-vendor, multi-domain environment – from planning and design to operation and optimization – with expert customization and integration at every step.

No two operator networks are exactly the same, and neither are the transport network solutions they require. We draw on the scope and bench strength of our vendor ecosystem to design and deploy complete, custom-fit solutions that include services such as segment routing migration, converged IP/optical design and much more, and ensure the system meets your specific needs.

Open xHaul Ecosystem for best-of-bread solutions

NEC’s multi-vendor system integration service is based on NEC’s Open xHaul Ecosystem, which is comprised of award-winning strategic alliances with leading vendors around the globe who have designed and deployed transport solutions for the world’s largest Tier 1 operators. Leveraging the experience and reach of this global network engineered will simplify your transport network decision making and deliver the best transport network solution.

NEC xHaul Transformation Service Portfolio

Automation increases efficiency and functionality

Automation is an essential technology in the 5G era, enabling efficient and reliable operations over increasingly complex transport networks. However, incorporating automation into a multi-vendor network environment requires new capabilities that can stretch your resources.

NEC understands what it takes to holistically redesign your network architecture and its processes. Pairing the network and software engineering capabilities of our own Center of Excellence network engineers with the expertise of our global ecosystem of industry-leading network and software suppliers, NEC automates the entire xHaul transport network operation lifecycle including network provisioning, traffic engineering and closed-loop automation. The result is a custom-built automation solution that delivers better agility, efficiency and simplicity. 

NEC makes your choice easy

Customer Oriented
with Large Scale Footprint

The experience of a global innovator that has been providing transport network expertise over 150 countries. There’s value in that experience that we pass along to our customers every day.

Multi-vendor, Multi-domain Integration with Ecosystem

Multi-x system integration services to offer Value Added xHaul Network Solution Suite based on an open ecosystem of global leading partners.

Global Competence with Transport Network
Centers of Excellences (CoEs)

NEC’s 5G Transport Network Centers of Excellence, centralizing global expertise to offer advanced services including migration and maintenance as well as validation and trainings in universal lab.

Case Studies

February 14, 2023
Indonesian operator reinforces 5G transport network initiatives with time synchronization by NEC and ADVA

Indonesian operator reinforces 5G transport network initiatives with time synchronization by NEC and ADVA

Telkom Indonesia

January 10, 2023
Juniper Networks and NEC Electrify Powerco's Wi-Fi User Experience

Juniper Networks and NEC Electrify Powerco's Wi-Fi User Experience


October 6, 2022
Etisalat UAE, from e&, bolsters edge cloud solution with uCPE services powered by ADVA and NEC

Etisalat UAE

May 25, 2022
NEC and Juniper Networks Deploy Algeria Telecom's Nationwide 5G-Ready IP Metro Network

Algeria Telecom

March 17, 2022
Juniper Networks and NEC Selected to Revolutionize Wi-Fi Experience for Raízen’s Headquarters in Brazil


March 10, 2022
Telefónica Vivo Launches 5G-Ready IP Transport Network with Cisco and NEC to Provide Seamless Connections Across Brazil

Telefónica Vivo

October 21, 2021
Telenor Deploys 5G xHaul Transport Network with Cisco and NEC to Connect More People and Businesses in Norway and Denmark


July 6, 2021
CETIN, NEC and Fortinet Join Forces to Modernize Large-scale Network in Four Countries


June 8, 2021
Juniper Networks and NEC Build New Network for Herotel to Create South Africa’s First Commercial Network Driven by Segment Routing


February 26, 2020
NEC partners with Juniper Networks to enable Telefonica Chile’s IP Network Fusion Project

Telefonica Chile

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