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Meeting & Conferencing Solutions

Solutions Function
Projection Solution Scalable screen size and long life; discreet creativity in bezel-less large format visualisation.
Huddle Solution Up close and personal; detailed analysis of data demands ultra-high resolutions.
Collaboration Soundbar All in one camera, microphone and speaker system; from meeting room to collaboration space.
Interactive Touch Table Limitless imagination; gather round and share across the table for a fresh orientation in creativity.
LCD Conferencing Solution Large format presentation; eyeball to eyeball in the same room or across the globe.
Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Connect and present; seamless and slick switching between presenters also allows multiple users to wirelessly stream content from their devices to a main meeting room display.
Microphone / Speaker Clarify of sound; modular options ensure superb audio performance.
Desktop Display Highest user comfort; ergonomic adjustments and eye protecting technology for best productivity.
Collaboration Board Empowering infinite ideation; an all in one facilitator of collaboration without boundaries.
Projection Solution Scalable screen size and long life;discreet creativity in bazel-less large format visialisation.
LED Videowall High status impact; content delivered with distinction where decision making is business critical.

Teamwork wins

Visualise the most knowledgeable and experienced minds; imagine the potential to unlock this capability and share it with the most creative and forward thinking minds. Great teamwork sees unique and disparate competencies blended to create powerful synergistic outcomes. Release the power of collaboration with tools designed to empower imaginative thinking, enabling instant visualization of concepts and sharing of information.

At NEC, we deliver immersive collaboration solutions, whether it’s a huddle, a group or a conference; technology that gives structure to your inspiration, generating more teamwork wins!

Looking for a new standard in group productivity?