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Video In-Store Analytics

Get to know your customers! The intelligent video content analytics solutions enable merchants to identify key customer patters such as visit frequency, dwell time, cross-store activity, and more. With a clearer understanding of customer’s journey, merchants are always able to put customers first.

Key focus areas:

  • Understand sales conversion rate
  • Recognize customer patterns, staff response rates, and sales drivers
  • Maximize store layout and navigation
  • Optimize promotions and product displays
  • Understanding customers demographics

Analyze & Measuring Traffic In and Out Flow From The Store

  1. 1. A customer walks pas the shop without entering its premises. Tapway software records footfall of visitors who walk past without entry alongside the conversion rate.

  2. 2. Customer walks into the shop and is identified as a male in his 20s. Tapway software records amount of visitors on site and the eventual sales conversion rate.

  3. 3. Customer spends 15 minutes in Fashion zone and moves to Gadget zone for 10 minutes. Tapway software records the various hot and cold spots in terms of engagement.

  4. 4. Customer completes a transaction and uses her Face ID for instant cashback discounts. Tapway software integrates the information with existing CRM to improve future customer experience.

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Mall Analytics

Mall Analytics measures the quality of relationships between malls and stores.

By tracking customers, you know where and how long people stay in the shopping center. By using people tracking technologies effectively… Mall owners can increase revenue by optimizing the Tenants Mix And retail stores can increase the quantity and quality of the Sales Opportunity

Key measurement of tracking shopping and sales behaviour:

  • Measure marketing ROI
  • Track customer conversion, loyalty & segmentation
  • Assess chainwide performance with full KPI’s
  • Strategy on store placement & brand building
  • Drive traffic throughout site
  • Finetune store layout & improve operations



  • Displays high level data most relevant to your operations
  • One-glance summary of your business health
  • Bird’s-eye view of all outlets / businesses in one dashboard