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Unified Communications

Integrated customer contact

Q-Master delivers organisations of all sizes the ability to connect easily with their customers and build effective customer relationships. With Q-Master, you can empower your agents with the information they need to rapidly answer queries and use intelligent skills-based routing to ensure each customer reaches the right agent every time. Q-Master enhances customer service levels, helps reduce abandonment rates and increases staff productivity.
A key benefit of Q-Master is the ability to manage phone, email and web-initiated requests in a single environment, allowing streamlining of your contact centre operations.
For a decade Q-Master has be at the forefront of contact centre applications, delivering integrated customer contact solutions that scale to meet the needs of any business.


Q-Master is the solution of choice for over 500 leading organisations across Australia, due to its ease of use, flexibility and impressive feature range.

Making a difference to customer service

Using customer information and skills-based routing, callers are directed to the agents best able to help them, quickly and efficiently.

Transform your call centre into a contact centre

Intelligently manage all contact media types in a single, fully integrated solution.  Voice, fax, email and web chat queries are blended seamlessly so that increasingly high levels of customer service demanded by today clients can be met.

Unparalleled control at your fingertips

All your contact centre operating parameters are adjustable, allowing you to make changes in real time with simple to use wizards.  Q-Master puts control back in your hands.

Our modular solution is scaleable

Invest in what you need today with the confidence that additional functionality is available as and when required.  Q-Master can be easily customised to meet the diverse needs of any of today's organisations.

Simplified administration

Setting up and managing your contact centre environment has never been easier. Q Master uses wizards and a graphical user interface to administer all aspects of your system. Call delivery patterns, queue set up, agent assignment and other parameters can be altered with a click of the mouse. Q-Master also supports remote administration and maintains data integrity by providing a full audit trail of all changes.

Integration with internal systems

Q-Master can link into your existing internal systems, whether CRM or ERP-based, allowing helpdesk jobs to be queued along with voice calls and customer record information to be presented to agents with each call.  This empowers your agents to deliver higher levels of customer service.


Better customer care

Q-Control intelligently manages all incoming calls by delivering them to the most appropriately skilled agent. Recognised priority callers can also be moved to the front of the queue, delivering the superior service they demand.  As customer service has become increasingly important, Q-Master customers are leveraging the product and generating sustainable competitive advantages with consistently high service levels.

Lower call abandonment rates

With customised announcements and caller specific options, more calls stay in the queue and are delivered to agents.

Faster response times

Directing callers to the right agent the first time reduces caller wait times. By matching agent skill sets to a number of different queues, more agents are available resulting in faster handling of calls. Callers can also be routed to their preferred agent based on their direct inward dial (DID) number, calling line ID (CLID), or by querying the caller using the custom announce feature.

Improved productivity and accountability

Experience has shown that productivity increases when staff can view each other抯 performance.  Using Q-Control, agents can be automatically assigned to different queues based on the time of day or day of the week, ensuring calls are distributed efficiently between agents. With the option to automatically allocate post-call work time, agents are also able to complete tasks before receiving the next call.

Easier monitoring

With Q-Desktop, managers and agents always have a clear picture of all contact centre activity. Real-time agent statistics that can be viewed from the PC including agent status, occupancy rates and current service level statistics.

Minimise your investment

Q-Master is completely modular, allowing you to select the components that best suit operational and budgetary requirements. Modules offering additional functionality can be added as and when they are needed.

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