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Trusting The Journey: Transformation That Drives Growth

For over 125 years, NEC has been the unwavering bedrock of technology, transformation, and trust worldwide. 

From our humble beginnings in telecommunications infrastructure, we have since grown our focus towards groundbreaking innovations tailored to meet the evolving needs of each generation. This ongoing commitment allows us to continue to be relevant and cements our role as a trusted partner in the region. It’s a cyclical relationship; our lasting impact is only possible due to the trust earned from our customers.

A Legacy Forged in Trust

Trust has been a key ingredient to our story and the cornerstone for our continued relationship with ASEAN for over 60 years. By working hand in hand with various ASEAN governments and large enterprises, we have helped foster economic growth and societal progress through our innovative tech solutions. This includes sparking transformations, and knitting together smarter, more connected communities.

“Now, our commitment isn’t just about safety and efficiency in business processes, it’s about empowering organisations to dream bigger, act bolder, and make a positive impact. And through the ever-evolving landscapes, both in tech and in society, we are proud to uphold integrity and transparency in everything that we do.” 
- Mr. Koichiro Koide, President & CEO of NEC Asia Pacific.

Our strategy has evolved beyond delivering future-ready solutions; we prioritise identifying and supplying the fundamental building blocks that are crucial for the development of transformative applications, on top of providing world-class solutions. There are three areas that you need to develop before embarking on your digital transformation journey: infrastructure, enablers, and technology.

While we do provide the technology, the infrastructure we offer will help solidify your company’s foundational system structure to prepare it for digital transformation. This includes hybrid cloud and cybersecurity solutions, and connectivity solutions such as 5G, Wi-Fi, LAN, and fibre.

In order to provide 360 solutions, we also want to enable our customers, such as by providing leasing options for simplified digitalisation financial services through NEC Capital. To ensure a continuous and harmonious relationship with our customers, our customer service component includes specific Centres of Excellence dedicated to troubleshooting and fixing the NEC solutions we provide. For instance, the Intelligent Center Operations of NEC (ICON) in Sunway Iskandar, Johor, Malaysia, provides Managed Services and Cyber Security Defense Services.

Armed with these three essential components, we are now poised to propel your organisation into a future-ready state today.

Now that you have a clearer picture of what we can provide, let's delve into the transformative impact of NEC's solutions to give your business an edge in an ever-changing digital age. Discover how our innovative offerings drive change and accelerate progress across diverse industries, including:

Government Transformation:

At NEC, we value Digital Government Initiatives that are aligned with our vision of a digitised world. This encompasses citizenship ID, public safety solutions, e-health, and smart transportation. Backed by our expertise in biometrics, AI, 5G, and cloud computing, we consistently empower governments to deliver more efficient and citizen-centric services for their respective nations. Currently, our NEC identity solutions power over 100 million identities throughout the ASEAN region, managed through various National ID programs.

Customer Transformation:

Enhancing customer retention across diverse industries is NEC's forte, which we achieve by implementing strategies that provide businesses with a distinctive edge. One such example can be found in this case study on our collaboration with Aeon Mall Indonesia (AMI) at

Urban Transformation:

Safeguarding your well-being is paramount to us. NEC's solutions contribute to safer streets and smarter cities through a network of devices that include CCTV cameras, drones, and IoT sensors. 
Data is collected by these devices, transmitted to a central command centre and analysed using AI technology to predict and issue alert notifications, which enhances city safety. You can discover how NEC’s technology plays a pivotal role in creating smarter and safer communities, such as with NEC India’s work in the city of Tirupati, India at

Workplace Transformation:

Versatile smart solutions enhance flexibility in work environments to ensure the safety and improved productivity of your employees — a crucial element to foster effectiveness within dynamic, high-performance organisations. Discover how NEC’s Video + Audio + Mobility (VAM) solution enables instantaneous and cost-effective global communication at

Wholistic Transformation Through Trust

Since the 1950s, we have been evolving to proudly offer our customers an all-rounded, future-ready platform that spans multiple sectors from Urban, to Rural, Manufacturing, Customer, Agriculture, Government, Healthcare and the Workspace.

"As your trusted transformation partner in ASEAN, our commitment to aiding you and your enterprise to achieve a brighter future has helped shape our truly open and trusted approach. Our expertise, combined with experience in transformation, has opened us to the challenges, solutions, and triumphs inherent in evolving to reach greater heights."
- Mr. Wataru Irie, Acting Managing Director of NEC Malaysia.

So, let’s partner together to provide ever-better solutions for the world! Get in touch with us at and together, build a trusted transformation.

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