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Smart Hospitality

Enhancing your guest journey

NEC’s Smart Hospitality Vision

As Technology has become the Catalyst and prime Condition for success in the International Hospitality and Leisure Industry, NEC Smart Hospitality will be the Global change agent and value driver, transforming both the guest experience, as well as the operational deliverables, of extremely successful Hospitality and Leisure organizations.

A suitable solution for every hotel

NEC is able to address each specific brand and hotel type with a specific property management system platform and solution set - from small to big in size, form basic to very advanced in functionality and installed & support anywhere across the globe.

NEC’s Communications and IT solutions help the hospitality industry control costs, improve staff efficiency and create an environment that makes guests want to return. Together with our specialized partners we offer a complete portfolio of solutions and NEC hotel management services to address the needs of the hospitality industry.

Supporting the various journeys in hospitality

Planning & Booking

More interactive experience after planning and booking, as hotel would prefer to have a closer guest relationship that leverages better communications and modern technology.


Check-in Process transitioned to a Welcoming Process. Integrated digital automated process with full travel experience Provide a welcoming experience for guests upon arrival – First Impression! Reduce queuing and waiting, Improved Guest Experiences – No more waiting in lines.


Many activities are available during a stay - Guest room, pool, gym, restaurant, lounge, spa, etc. Most guests expect an enhanced experience. Key is, what and how to provide a better Guest experience.

Departure & Post stay

Check-out process transformed into a “Next Time”, because the last experience will be remembered in the future. Provides a smooth and appropriate relationship with the customer based on Communication technology.


Guest requests can be automatically responded to by the right staff to respond in a timely manner by connecting guest room technology with hotel back-end systems. Automating requests, tasks and experiences helps increase guest satisfaction by responding quicker while also reducing costs to deliver a higher quality service.


Each guest expects a personal and unique experience, and technology enables the hotel to deliver upon a personalized experience to deliver upon the guest’s expectations and preferences. Integration into guest profile databases with communication technology supports the hotel and staff to deliver a personalized experience.


With NEC's UNIVERGE Integration Platform, essential information related to effectively running a hotel becomes easier to access and use so staff members can work smarter and customers can experience a memorable stay by helping to: Real-time reservation views and quick-find filters allow bookings, chargeable expenses and guest information to be retrieved quickly. Customized controls ensure calls are restricted as needed and invoiced appropriately where and when required.

Safety & Security

Capture Documents and validate for country regulations Guest ID authenticated through AI and Passport/ID scanner Ensuring the safety of visitors is an essential component in delivering a superior guest experience. Making sure that a traveler feels secure throughout the duration of their stay not only protects guest loyalty and a brand's reputation but also helps build repeat bookings and even organic referrals.

Smart Hospitality case studies

Products availability may differ depending on the country/region