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Telco Cloud

NEC provides total support – from infrastructure design to building and operation with Telco Cloud to orchestrate virtual and container network functions.

Solution - Overview

Leveraging our technological strength, cultivated through participation and contribution in major open source communities such as OpenStack, and a proven track record of providing NEC's cloud infrastructure services, we offer complete support for every aspects of the Telco Cloud infrastructure - design, building and operation. NEC leverages its partner ecosystem to offer a wide variety of functionalities and services to meet the customer needs. We aim to provide open and vendor-agnostic platforms backed by proven system integration capabilities and expertise in the telco market developed since the first generation of mobile network, enabling customers to be more agile and flexible.

NEC’s comprehensive Telco Cloud solution including full support of container technology, edge deployment and optimized multivendor life cycle management, ensures a smooth transition to a virtualized platform adaptable for Open vRAN in the 5G era.


Telco Cloud for Open vRAN

NEC collaborates with industry leading vendors to develop and provide a tailored virtualization platform according to the various requirements of the RAN and its site plan. The architecture comprises COTS hardware, broadly used virtualization software that conform with O-RAN specifications.

Proficiency in both physical and virtual networks is one of the essential requirements for a successful system integration. For instance, a distributed compute architecture is adopted to maximize efficiency of resource usage, and a hardware accelerator is implemented to maximize performance of radio network processing whilst minimizing latency and jitter. NEC has expertise in the virtual/IT aspect as well as specific physical aspects such as front-haul required for fine-tuning the total network.

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