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P.O.S for a cause: NEC’s Forecourt Retail Solution transforms the way petrol stations operate

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Forecourt Retail Solution For Petrol Stations

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Towards the Future

SEDC Energy chose NEC Malaysia as their preferred provider because of NEC’s track record of successful implementations across 730 petrol stations nationwide. With a state-of-the-art Forecourt Retail System, aftersales support, and 24x7 managed services, NEC can help your petrol station automate tasks, improve efficiency, and reduce operational costs too.

The Challenge

Running a petrol station involves several tasks including dispensing fuel, processing payments, managing inventory, and serving customers. Typically petrol station operators utilize a retail system to manage these operations. SEDC Energy – Sarawak's first multi-fuel station which includes petrol, hydrogen, and electricity for automobiles – were facing several challenges with their existing forecourt retail system. The system was costly to operate and maintain, and it was not integrated with the outdoor payment terminal causing issues with data processing. Due to inaccurate sales and inventory data, SEDC Energy did not have a real-time centralized overview of their sales to operate and manage their business better.

The Solution

To address these challenges, NEC Malaysia implemented its Forecourt Retail Solution at SEDC Energy. This solution includes the NEC Forecourt Retail Point of Sales (P.O.S) system, handheld system, back-oce and centralized HQ systems, P.O.S hardware, and annual maintenance services. The Retail P.O.S system allows operators to manage inventory and sales with integrated indoor and outdoor payment terminals, while the back-o system provides sales and inventory reports, making it possible to track revenue and manage mart items more efficiently.

In other words, the Forecourt Retail Solution helps automate most petrol station tasks, making it easier for operators to run their business.
The centralized HQ system is helping SEDC Energy accurately and eciently manage weekly changes in fuel price and adjust the pricing and promotions of items in its shopping marts to maximize revenue generation. Moreover, the integration with the outdoor payment terminal has given SEDC Energy the added benefit of accepting varied payment methods, including the local state e-wallet, Sarawak Pay.

The Benefits

An integrated system:
the NEC Forecourt Retail Solution simplified operations by integrating the point-of Sales (P.O.S) system and the indoor and outdoor payment terminal (OPT). The integration led to a faster turnaround time for refueling and payment processing, giving SEDC Energy the opportunity to serve more customers and maximize revenue.

Real-time data: 
The NEC Forecourt Retail Solution is a cloud-based solution which provides SEDC Energy with a real-time overview of sales and operations. The system provides real-time comprehensive reports so that SEDC Energy has the information needed to facilitate and improve the performance of their sales and operations.

24x7 managed services:
In addition to the state-of-the-art retail solution, NEC Malaysia also offers 24x7 Managed Services, providing technical assistance, vendor management support, and on-site services to ensure seamless operations for SEDC Energy. The consistent support from NEC Malaysia enables SEDC Energy's businesses to minimize downtime and provide uninterrupted services to customers.

A Drive Towards Greater Sustainability
Improved resource allocation through real-time data

SEDC Energy now has access to real-time data, which allows them to save time and make better business decisions.
Operators can now allocate more resources on tasks that require human intervention.

About SEDC Energy & Its Partnership with NEC

Established in 2019, SEDC Energy Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Sarawak Economic Development Corporation (SEDC), promotes Sarawak's energy sectors globally while fostering a 'new energy' ecosystem within the state. As Sarawak's first multi-fuel station offering petrol, hydrogen, and electricity, it aligns with the government's vision for cleaner energy and aims to establish a regional network of hydrogen refueling stations.

(MAR 13, 2024)